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    Rules you Should Follow..


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    Rules you Should Follow..

    Post  gokusandhu on Mon Jul 12, 2010 9:34 am

    1. No Double Posts are allowed within 24 hrs i.e.
    You can only double post after 24 hrs (1 day).
    2.Do Not Give your Personal Info. to any member here.If a user repetitiously(again & again) asks for it then immediately report it to a moderator or admin. The forum takes no responsibility of your personal things being used in wrong way.
    3. No Posts with less than 5 characters is not allowed either.
    This Rule doesn't apply for "GAMES ARENA" Forum(because of codes)
    4. Posts should always be in the English language.
    If you post in any other language then you should give the translation to it as well.
    5. Do Not Create Topics in wrong forum.
    6.No religious matters should be used in the forums.
    7.Maximum signature size here is 500 X 250 px , please try to not to break it
    8. No double topics please, i.e. Same topics in indirect manner or any other way
    9. No hurtful topics please , i.e. "Junky is stupidz lolz".
    10. Please do not advertise your forum/site too much.

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